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My Approach

I have ten years experience working therapeutically with children and young people alongside my private adult therapy clients. I can offer both individual therapy and tailored pieces of work for children and young people who are displaying challenging behaviour or simply struggling with life. I have a particular interest in helping young people with additional needs, attachment needs and anxiety related to Autism.

I began work in a Therapeutic Community providing a safe, nurturing environment for young people from troubled and chaotic backgrounds and presenting with self-harm and challenging behaviour. With an intuitive approach backed by theoretical understanding I believe that restorative relationships and a healthy inner world can be unlocked.

I also work as a College Counsellor, supporting young adults with additional needs to understand themselves and their diagnoses. This involves finding imaginative ways to communicate their fears, anger, guilt, anxiety and powerful emotions in a safe, consistent space.

Therapeutic work is anchored in the Psychodynamic model which aims to explore unconscious processes and find the past in the present.

I believe that resilience, hope and self-acceptance are muscles like any other, available to uncover, flex and build together.

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